Netflix and Juliet

So my husband; the love of my life, my better half, my soulmate is away and I’m missing him terribly. I am also, not so secretly any more at least, revelling in the positive quirks that come with him being him being elsewhere; I no longer have to watch Formula One on a Sunday, or clear up the emptying of Mary Poppins bag-like pocket debris off the table, or even shave my legs. I am my own, please yourself after the kids are in bed woman, and gosh in small doses, it can be good.

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? oh hang on, never mind, Stranger things is on..

It’s true, though I’d never admit the truth of it to my husband, my names Gemma and I am a duvet hogger. Besides being sausage-rolled in eiderdown I like to have my feet tucked in and under the duvet on chillier nights. Being the height not far off the classification of a dwarf, cue much mickey taking from my approaching teenage, sarcastic, encroaching neck height child, this does leave my husband rather bereft of any duvet for his own feet. When my husband’s not here though, that’s when the inner sprawler in me come out,; star-fishing all over the shop, all four pillows and scatter cushions at my disposal. If I’m feeling particularly self-indulgent there will be Yankee candles lit and Netflix on the laptop..those scatter cushions my husband doesn’t understand coming into their own.

Ah, Netflix; I spend the time my darling husbands at home scouring for new, quality, intriguing things to watch and the times he’s away watching the girliest, trashy fluff you can imagine (that’s not to say it’s not good!). The amount of time I have poured into nail-bitingly watching the love triangle unfold in the Vampire diaries or waiting to discover who ‘A’ is in Pretty Little Liars I couldn’t say, probably days have been lost (and well spent I would argue!). When my husband is deployed, on a course or just working late Netflix is my friend (second best to reading) the friend who doesn’t judge how much ice cream you can consume in one film, or the fact that you don’t bother with a bowl, eating straight out of the tub with a spoon is saving on washing up, right?


There are however downsides to my friendship with Netflix, like any good love affair, when the HB is absent, this means waiting until he returns to watch our favourite shows together, the new series of Stranger Things coming out has been the biggest test of Netflix loyalty yet, what can I say? it’s been tough. I would give up all of these little self-made luxuries in a heartbeat to have my husband come home immediately, forgo the long scented baths and easy peasy, not much cooking required dinner (beans on toast anyone?) but until then I’m gonna make the most of it, being apart can be hard, it is hard, on all parties involved, but I got this. You got this. Netflix will always be there for you, I promise

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