Spouses and the CV template of doom


It’s no secret, and I’ve written about it before, that finding a job as a military spouse can be super difficult. It does feel that they very stars themselves have to align, in some Indiana Jones-type treasure discovery quest, to make it even possible to get a job, any job. Factoring in husband’s frequent leaves of absence, kids and the resulting childcare issues and lack of familial support makes the odds of being shark bitten look positively, frighteningly, possible at times. However, in my quest to improve my job prospects, as the date for returning to the UK looms ever nearer, I stumbled upon Recruit for Spouses. As you might expect, it does what it says on the tin, helping significant spousal others (I shalln’t say the “d” word, we who shall not be named, yes it has Voldemort-like qualities in this house) find and return to work.

The Recruit for Spouses motto goes something like this “Military spouses sacrifice everything to follow their partners who are serving. Recruit for Spouses is not just about finding a job. It’s about spouses re–establishing their identity and independence – building a fulfilling life that benefits them, their partners and their families”. If you’ve been married more than, and I’m talking literally here, five minutes, you’ll identify with this statement. Any armed forces spouse can join the Recruit team, and besides posting jobs which are super easy to apply for (there are even some freelance on there every now and again) training videos are posted via Facebook live and CV advice is given; send yours into them and they’ll take a look at if for you. I think, as a typical Brit, it can be incredibly hard to “sell yourself” and flaunt your all round amazingness to a potential employer. Trying to fill in a personal statement or write a CV is something I find incredibly cringe-worthy, and I always feel like some high school American Miss World type wannabe… “My names Gemma, and I’m really fantastic and amazing, organised, conscientious, and yes, if I could wish for anything in the world it’d be World peace. Obviously. Y’all”.


I can’t quite believe it myself really, but 2018 is almost here, aaahh, which means, for me at least, a return to the UK and it’s slightly damper, soggier, climes. I think Recruit for Spouses will be pretty pivitol to finding a job on home turf; there’s a huge variety of employment offered, from catering assistants to social workers, marketing managers to head gardeners, and with partnerships with Longleat and the National Trust, there’s always a steady stream of opportunities. Recruit for Spouses offers a pretty unique, free, one to one service; this is a company, set up by a military spouse for other spouses, that understands the difficulties trying to return to work can bring. I really can’t recommend them enough, whether you’re starting your job search (we’re going on a job hunt, stumble, trip, stumble trip) looking for freelance work, to improve your employability or even to set up your own business Recruit for Spouses can help, why not make the most of the opportunity and support?.


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